Asian Youth Games 2013

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong

2nd Asian Youth Games


Second Asian Youth Games emblem will be four kinds of mountains, water, walls, leaves a symbol of Nanjing city landscape forest elements of the city's character, to the the calligraphy strokes evolution fused into sports character modeling, and overall was shining under the sun 'Ning' word.


Second Asian Youth Games mascot "AYO round Chinese Shu ape prototype Chinese Shu ape found in Jiangsu Province, is the oldest one in the higher primates known. Mascot red sun flag of the Olympic Council of Asia as a source of inspiration to fight with circular and curved synthetic ape's face, the tail is used the Beijing specialty property riverstones of for creative elements drawn by south, the overall shape of a lively prominent personality, integrated urban heritage, the concept of the tournament and youth characteristics. AYO round "both meaning Asian Youth" reunion "in Nanjing, also on behalf of the Nanjing Asian Youth "complete success" wishes expressed hosts for their guests and friends of a warm welcome and a better vision of the Asian Youth event.